01. I decided to buy the book after reading an [excerpt] in a magazine.
02. At my grandmother's funeral, my father read out an [excerpt] from a book that she loved.
03. The priest read an [excerpt] from the Bible at mass.
04. The students performed a short [excerpt] from a play by Shakespeare.
05. We read [excerpts] of different contemporary novels in class, and some of them were really interesting.
06. A major shoe company was sued for using an [excerpt] of a Beatles' song in one of their television ads without permission.
07. We watched short [excerpts] of a number of American movies in my film class to look at the way minorities are depicted in film.
08. J.K. Rowling recently gave a public reading of an [excerpt] of her new Harry Potter book to 70 children in a castle in Scotland.
09. An [excerpt] of the young girl's private diary appeared on an Internet website soon after the diary was stolen from her school locker.
10. The passage I am about to read you has been [excerpted] from the novel we will be studying this week.
11. The DJ took [excerpts] from various songs and mixed them all together to make a new and original sound.
12. The actors did a short [excerpt] from the play for the children and then spoke to them about the story and invited them to the evening's showing.
13. You can hear [excerpts] of various songs from the band's new album on their website.
14. I haven't read the whole book; I've just read an [excerpt] from it that was in a book of single chapters of famous books.
15. [Excerpts] of his new novel have been published in a number of different magazines, to great reviews.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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